Vitalpointz IoT Core Lite v1.1.0 Released

New features

Device Tab

New visualisation widget to provide info about the device creation status. When a bunch of devices are created, the platform back-end takes some time to prepare the device objects, rules and certificate etc. This provides color-coded status of the activity.

QR Code is provided for every Device. The QR code can be viewed on the slider.

QR Code for all the devices can be downloaded and printed to use with physical devices.

Rules Tab

Now Rules Engine tab is provided with a search capability to quickly search based on any field of the rules database.

NodeRed Tab

NodeRed tool is packaged with several Signal Processing functions as custom nodes under ‘vitalpointz’ category.

Following Nodes are newly brought in to Node Red Tab -

FFT - Implements Fast Fourier Transform, and outputs the magnitude component of positive spectrum for easy analysis

Normalizer - Implements Z-Score based or Min-Max normalization method to re-map the input data into [0 1] or [-1 +1]

Signal Generator - Implements Numerically Controlled Oscillator to generate Sine Wave or Saw tooth wave.

Threshold - Implements a threshold breach identification for input array of data. Useful in defining vibration analysis

Kalman Filter - Implements Kalman filter with all R, Q, A, B and C parameters tune-able.

Outport Tab

Live Updates are provided on the OutPort Card that reflects the current activity. Clicking on the card provides the slider that provides the details of the return codes of the OutPort calls.

Dashboard tab

This tab is newly added. This tab loades given dashboard URL in side this iframe.
The dashboards are automatically percolated to vitalpointz mobile app.

New Device Features

Device certificate Revocation/ Re-issue

Now, device certificate can be revoked and re-issued from the UI.

Auto Scale Up

vitalpointz IoT core Lite v1.1.0 supports auto scaling based on the compute resource availability on virtual machine (droplet).

The IoT platform can be installed from 2Core droplet to 12Core droplet (2C/4C/8C/12C or more) depending on the number of devices that needs to be supported.

The micro-services Containers are replicated automatically based on the compute resource on the droplet in order to provide better performance.

Minimum Resource Requirement

2 Core CPU


80 GB Storage

Recommended Minimum Resource Requirement

4 Core CPU


160 GB Storage

Attach a Block storage of size 100GB (min) to have enhanced data protection and enhanced IOPS budget.

Device License

1024 free licenses bundled. Additional licenses can be added.

Available on

Digital Ocean’s marketplace

Access Link

Release Date

Oct.18, 2019

Performance on smallest virtual machine (or) droplet

Message I/O :100 messages per second using MQTT over TLS on 4Core,8GB RAM Droplet

50 messages per second using MQTT over TLS on 2Core,4GB RAM Droplet.

Device On-Boarding : 24devices per minute