Viewing & Logging IoT messages at the platform

Often, the immediate next step after connecting the device to a platform is to see and verify the device data that is received. Vitalpointz IOT Core/Core Lite offers a tool called ‘message logger’ to do just that. The Message Logger tool can be accessed by

Device Tab -> VESP Card menu -> Message Logger

Live view

In order to view the message Live view, Select the topic / Device of interest. Live message window below starts showing the message received.

Persistent store

The device messages can be stored in a file and can be downloaded at a later date. In order to store the messages sent by devices, go to ‘Persistent Store’ tab as shown in the picture. Click on ‘configure’ menu and provide the device topics that needed to be logged. Once Setup, the messages from specified devices will be logged using internal time series database, Influx db.

Retrieval of stored messages

Stored messages can be downloaded by clicking on ‘Retrieve’ menu under ‘Persistent Store’ Tab. Provide date and time using the calendar component provided in the UI. This will search the timeseries database and generate a File. The file is made available for download.

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