Typical Workflow of working with Containers

Public and Private Container Registry

Vitalpointz hosts public container registry for hosting container images compatible with IoT Core Platform.
Every Platform instance also runs an instance of container registry.

By default, Public Container registry is listed under Workload Tab. User can view their own local registry by changing the view under ‘Template Gallery’ drop down menu to ‘private’.

Recommended Workflow

As a first step, It is recommended to spin up a container of user’s choice from Public Registry. In most cases, user can gain full SSH access to the container after enabling the same under ‘Configure’ menu item.

Now, user can download code they want to execute in to the container. Debug using viewing container logs.

Once the development of the user’s code is completed,

next step is to ‘save and commit’ to their Private registry. Modified container is saved as container image under their private registry.

Now list the private images using the drop down in the top ribbon, click on the images to spin up the container.