Signal Processing with hosted NodeRED

vitalpointz IoT Core Lite v1.1.0 comes bundled with NodeRED. This version of Node RED is installed with signal processing nodes that can be used to realize Industry 4.0 use case.

Following Nodes are provided -

1. Signal Generator
Singal Generator implements a NCO in NodeRED. User can generate sine wave or Saw tooth Wave.

2. FFT
This important industry 4.0 Node computes FFT and outputs Magnitude only (or) Magnitude vs Frequency

3. FIR Filter
This Node implements the Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter for given filter co-efficient array.

4. Klaman Filter
This Node implements Kalman filter for given R, Q , A, B and C values.

5. Gain / Amplifier
This node implements digital amplifier.

6. Adder
This node sums up to 4 input values

7. Threshold Detector
This node implements the Threshold detector, typically used to define frequency / vibration signature, if the threshold is breached output is generated.

8. Normalizer
Normalizer uses min-max or z-score methods to re-scale the input values.

Note that vitalpointz FogOS that powers the Gateways also host the NodeRED. By click of a button, user can move the flow developed on the cloud to Edge Gateway. More information can be found in Edge Compute Category.