How does Device onboarding works invitalpointz IoT Core

Device Provisioning Process

Device Provisioning starts with a device addition under Device Registry of the platform. Device registry is found under Device Tab. Device can be added under the Root-Card or FogNode Card. Fill the “Adding New” form with name, Device Type, OS and other details. Click on “Add Device and Generate Authentication Code”. Take a note of the credentials shown in the next page.

Now on the Device Side:

  1. [Free RTOS variant – such as ESP device ] Free RTOS’ VESPa code should be configured with Platform URL, Tenant Token used for Authentication, compiled and flashed into device

  2. [Arduino Sketch variant] VESPa sketch should be configured with the credentials as mentioned above, flashed into the device using Arduino IDE.

  3. Wifi Access credentials such as SSID, Password are also configured

  4. Compile and flash the code to device

  5. When the device is powered up, the device calls the APIs to download certificate, Topic to communicate and URL/Port number to use to make the connection for sending Sensor data

  6. Device Tab updates the color code for the device card and starts showing device information

When the device is powered on:

  • When the device is powered on in the field, Agent also called VESPA runs and connects to the Cloud Plartform and authenticates and downloads the following
    Device Certificate
    Device Private Key
    Allocated MQTT Topic
    and the IP Address of the MQTT server (in case of Parented by Fog Node)

  • Now the Platform whitelists the Topic, hence the messages can be processed by the Flow Layer defined in the platform.

  • Irrespective of the parent of the device, authentication is always done at the Platform

  • If the parent of the device is Cloud, the url provided by to the device is a subdomain with base url as platform URL. For example, If the parent of the device is a Fog Node (Gateway), the LAN IP of the Gateway is provided so that Device connects to Gateway and transacts MQTT messages to Gateway.