Concept of Workloads under vitalpointz IoT Core

Workload Tab

Workloads can be accessed from ‘Workload’ Tab under Vitalpointz IoT Core Platform.

This tab shows a list of container images hosted by vitalpointz marketplace. User can spin up a container by clicking on the + button on every Image.

Container is run under the resources of the user.

Exposing the Container to External World

Containers can be exposed to external world using a URL. This is done by adding a port number on which application service is listening inside the container and providing name for the URL.
If ‘Always On’ check box is clicked, the container is exposed to external world using the user entered URL.

If ‘Always On’ check box is unchecked, the URL is exposed only when the App-User is logged in.

Keep the Container Private

User can keep the container as strictly internal if they choose to. Leave the highlighted section empty.
In this case, the container is run, accessible to other containers running inside the IoT Core.