Bring up Vitalpointz IoT platform in DigitalOcean

Installing Vitalpointz IoT Core/Core Lite on DigitalOcean

Software release available under DigitalOcean’s marketplace and its minimum resource requirement are provided below

Software Edition : Vitalpointz Secure IoT Core Lite v1.0.1

Min.Resource Requirement : Droplet with 2Core, 4GB RAM and 80GB Disk

Recommended Resource Size: Droplet with 4Core, 8GB RAM and 100GB Attached Volume.
For details see here.

Note: Every new instance comes loaded with 1024 device licenses. This means upto 1024 devices can be added and on-boarded on the IoT software without purchasing additional license.

Step 1 : Spin up a Droplet

a) Login to your DigitalOcean cloud account. And click ‘Markerplace’.

b) Select vitalpointz IoT Core Lite card and click on ‘Create Droplet’

c) Select the droplet resource sizing. A standard droplet with 2 Core CPU & 4GB RAM is the smallest IoT Core lite needs.

d) Adding Block storage is optional.

e) Select the datacenter region of your preference.

f) Select additional options as below

g) Select a SSH Key if you have one already or create your own SSH key and upload it. You can find tutorial on how to create your own SSH Key and upload here

Note: Keep your SSH key safe and handy. It is required to setup the IoT Service (step.2)

h) Create droplet

Enter One Droplet and provide the host name of your choice.

Click Create.

Step 2: Setup up the IoT Service

a) The droplet is listed once the droplet is ready.

copy the IP address of the droplet.

b) login to droplet from your console using SSH.

type ‘yes’ when prompted by SSH.

c) The SSH shell presents customized Shell of vitalpointz secure IoT Core/Core Lite.

type Install to install the IoT Core/Core Lite Software.

d) Accept EULA by typing ‘yes’ when prompted.

e) Follow the prompt and provide questions. short organization name will be used to construct web address for your instance IoT Core/Core Lite.

f) Enter ‘yes’ to allow vitalpointz to monitor the performance of the IoT core/Core Lite instance and also to provide periodic software updates and certificate management services.

g) Review your entries one last time before setting up the service

type ‘yes’. Now, the IoT core/core lite software will be brought up.

h) When Installation and setting up services are completed, following info will be displayed.

Now, the your instance of IoT Core/Core Lite is available on the given link. Check your registered Email for invite mail with first login credential.

i) Enter the URL provided in your browser. Use the registered Email and password sent on email to login.

j) You will be prompted to change the password.

k) Now the platform is ready for use.